Clinic consultations are held securely over Zoom on Mondays through Thursdays. This means they can easily be fitted into your busy week. Through 1:1 consultation we can work together to create a diet and lifestyle plan that suits your unique health history, biochemistry and lifestyle.

I take a food-first, whole body approach, which means I focus on how your diet & lifestyle can be improved before advising on supplementation. However, we may discuss and agree that you will benefit from taking supplements to support your diet, especially as you start to make changes with your diet and lifestyle.

The Nourishing Well also offers functional testing to help determine the source of symptoms, for example, looking at vitamin, mineral or hormone levels or food intolerances. This could influence the approach taken when devising and agreeing nutrition and lifestyle plans. These are, for the most part non-invasive, for example a breath test, stool test or urine to determine gut health or a blood test or urine test to determine hormone levels.


How we can work together

Following our introductory call, I will ask you to complete a detailed questionnaire plus a 3 to 5-day food and lifestyle diary including details of any functional testing you may have had (e.g. blood tests, scans etc.).

The details you provide will help me form a ‘health history’ for you, which I will review in depth.

Nutritional Therapy Programmes


Each programme includes:

  • One-to-one consultations including an in-depth health and lifestyle assessment
  • Setting of your personal health goals
  • Explanation of potential nutritional imbalances, based on your unique health history
  • Personalised diet and lifestyle recommendations to address your unique health goals
  • A tailored nutrition plan with recipes and tips to follow at home
  • Collaboration with medical professionals involved in your care
  • Recommendations and interpretation of clinical tests & supportive supplements
  • Test results discussion and progress against goal, review of changes and provision of further advice
  • Telephone support between consultations
  • Additions to programmes (at extra cost) include functional tests and interpretation, food cupboard / fridge stocking support, more detailed menu planning 

Need more consultations?

Each of the nutritional therapy packages The Nourishing Well offers has a set number of follow-up consultations which have been devised to support you.

If you require additional consultations to help reach your goals, or to review additional test results etc., these are available to add on. Please ask for pricing information.

Within 3 months of your last follow-up consultation with The Nourishing Well, you are able book a bolt-on consultation at a cost of £120 per consultation. After 3 months, as per the terms & conditions, I will ask you to re-book on a new package.