Do you want your team to be healthier and help them flourish?

Employee wellness is essential in today's busy world, but today’s work environment often makes it difficult for individuals to instil and maintain healthy habits.

Food, drink and lifestyle play a critical role in both our health and performance, and I can help your team navigate positive ways forward to improve stress management, enhance morale, increase overall health and ultimately increase performance. If you invest in your team's individual health it will impact your company's health.

Focus on employee wellbeing for improved performance now and for the future 

The UK Government and the Work Foundation estimated in 2012 that 1 in 3 UK employees has a chronic health condition, with 1 in 4 suffering a physical health condition and 1 in 5 a mental health condition. 1

Workplace nutrition and physical activity is thought to influence absenteeism and performance. 2

I help teams just like yours to foster healthier working habits and engage with their health and wellbeing through interactive talks, focusing on improving performance through nutrition and lifestyle education.

I provide real ‘Ah-ha!’ moments, tips and tricks to enhance daily office life and leave your teams feeling empowered to improve their own health and performance.


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